Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ashley Tisdale

I love the fact that we have so many more fashion options in the fall. Boots, sweaters, blazers and more. Unfortunately autumn in New York typically means lots of rain. We've been lucky enough to have a few sunny (but still windy) days in the past few weeks which are perfect for cute outfits. I posted a bunch of celebrity pictures because seeing the boots on someone else can really help to determine the kind of style you want. 
Jennifer Aniston

Ashley Tisdale

For whatever reason I felt like the 4 pairs of boots I already own weren't enough, so I went on a search for a cute pair.

Steve Madden Inka Boot

My search ended shortly after because I fell in love with these! I love how they look with both leggings and jeans. They also came in black but I love this color so I stuck with it.  They also pair well with my favorite pair of sunglasses: 
I got these about a month & a half ago because I was getting bored with my other sunglasses. I love these! Sunglasses make such a great accessory in my opinion and even though summer is over, its still important to protect your eyes. =)

Hilary Duff
Taylor Swift

Hilary Duff
Lauren Bosworth

Hilary Duff

Happy Shopping!

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