Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello Sunday!

For the past few weeks I've spent all my Sundays studying and trying to use some free time to take better care of my skin. I am absolutely obsessed with the entire Super line by Dr. Perricone. This line is exclusive to Sephora and I actually can't wait until the new products hit the stores.

The cleanser is one of my favorite products because it's safe to use around the eyes and removes waterproof makeup. I blogged about it back in December as one of my favorite cleansers for my dry skin, however the cleanser is great for all skin types and is paraben-free. =)

The hand & cuticle cream works wonders! Unlike most hand creams, it doesn't just moisturize, it also exfoliates the skin. This is so important because moisturizing dead, dry skin isn't going to do much. My hands used to be super dry (I wash my hands A LOT) and since I've started using this, I've seen a huge improvement.

I'm going to use the 3 minute facial in a few minutes so I'll definitely have to write about that next time.

I love the new Jennifer Lopez song, On the Floor. Like most people I can admit that the lyrics could be better, but it's just a fun song. Everytime I hear it I just want to start dancing haha, so I figured I'd share the link. 

By the way, for those of you who are not familiar with , it's a great way to listen to music &
 it's free. =)

I'm also super excited because I know that I'm officially going to Pennsylvania for a few days in April. Personally, I think it's so relaxing there and a nice change from busy NYC once in a while. =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I feel like by the end of February everyone needs a little something extra to feel better. By now I've settled into the spring semester, hence the excitement of starting a new chapter is gone, and I cannot wait for warmer weather. Since I realized that I can't count on better weather, I figured I'd try a different approach and I think my skin really appreciates it haha.

The first thing I invested in was the Korres body butter ($29 at Sephora). My skin has been soooo dry and I love this body butter because it's very moisturizing, without feeling greasy. I chose the melon scented one because it came with a free body wash & it once again reminds me of summer.

Next I realized that I can't live another day looking super pale, especially with this brown hair. It was time to invest in a self tanner. There are a lot of good ones out there. I'm looking to try some new ones but from the few that I've been using I'd have to say my favorites are the Tan Towels and the Lancome Flash Bronzer. Both gave me just enough color without getting blotchy. 

Tan towels are great because they come in half or full body applications and since they're in the form of a wipe, they are easy to apply.The Lancome Flash Bronzer is a great choice for a night out because it does have a little bit of shimmer, plus it gives instant color. 

Before using a self tanner, I'd recommend exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. It will help it go on better as well as last longer.

After going through my usual skincare routine, I knew it was time to find a good foundation. I usually use the Temptu or Tarte, which I love but I don't have time during most mornings to apply more than one complexion product and I was actually able to find one that would be easy and quick to apply, while giving me the same coverage.
Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation has to be one of my favorite products.  On top of all that, it leaves your skin with a really nice, natural glow. Others must have noticed too, because I got lots of compliments while I used it last week. The best part? The price. It's only about $11 and lasts for a descent amount of time. In my opinion, it's better than Bare Minerals.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm back!

So after keeping busy with work, the holidays and everything in between in the last month or two, I finally decided that it was time to start blogging again. I have a few things that I can't wait to blog about. Hope you guys love it!!
Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone!!

Monday, December 27, 2010



Congratulations. I have already contacted her.

I apologize for picking the winner so late but things have been crazy with the holidays and now we have a blizzard here in New York.

Thank you to everyone who participated and all my other followers. I plan on hosting another giveaway very soon. ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Attention last minute shoppers! =)

So, I've been super busy with studying for finals and work, but I decided to take a quick break and take my mind off accounting for a bit.=)

Here is a list of a few last minute gift ideas/stocking stuffers for the beauty junkie in your life. =)

$20 & under:

Pacifica has mini versions of their amazing body butters available for only $5. They also have matching mini shower gels for the same price. They're available at Sephora.

 The Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler is one of my favorite products. Right now you can get it for just $15, and it comes with a free sample of their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.
Kate Somerville Exfolikate is available in a mini size for just $19. I am addicted to this product and amazingly enough it's great for all skin types.

The Philosophy Gingerbread House is one of the cutest gifts I've seen around. It's currently on sale in Sephora for only $15. It contains two shower gels (which can also be used as bubble bath or shampoo). Super cute and an amazing value.

The Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie is one of my must haves for dry hair. This product is all natural and filled with essential oils that hydrate the hair. It's available at Sephora, for $20.

The Tarte Frxtion is a really great product to have around, especially in the winter time when our lips get super dry. One side of the product contains a sugar scrub to exfoliate the lips, while the other side is a moisturizing balm. The best part is that it's natural and available at your local Sephora for $15.

Sephora Collection body butters are a must have considering that they're all 50% off! All the scents are only $8 each. My personal favorite is the coconut, but they're definitely worth taking a look at.

The Full Thickening Cream from Living Proof is one of my absolute favorite styling products. The smallest size is available for $14, but it lasts a long time because you really don't need a lot. I just got the full set (including the shampoo and conditioner) so I will be sure to post a review very soon. ;)

I'm obsessed with peppermint scented foot care products and this is definitely a favorite of mine. This foot scrub is available at The Body Shop for $14, but is most definitely worth the money.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter skin solutions

As much as I love the holidays, I hate what the cold weather does to my skin. People always tell me that they feel like their skin gets much more dry in the winter time. I made a list of some of my favorite skincare products.


For dry skin:
This is actually a cleanser for all skin types but it does feel very hydrating. The amazing part is that it's gentle enough to use around the eyes. It even removes waterproof mascara,

This used to be a favorite of mine, until my skin became more combination rather than just dry. This leaves your skin feeling so much more hydrated. Boscia is natural company and really great for someone who is very sensitive.

For combination skin:
When my skin became more combination (sometime in September) I turned to this cleanser and I love it. It doesn't strip my skin of moisture yet it still helps to get rid of those few pesky breakouts in my oily zones. Ren is also a natural company.

For oily skin:
This cleanser washes away dirt, oil & makeup for a shine free complexion.

This foam smells amazing and everyone I recommend it to loves it. It doesn't strip moisture from the skin. As you wash the foam turns into a cream, making it great even for people with sensitive skin. 

All skin types:
This is a great all in one cleanser. When I use this cleaner, my Clarisonic brush head comes out clean when I'm done washing my face. This is gentle enough to use around the eye area.

These next two products have worked wonders for my skin in the last few days!

This is an amazing mask for someone with dry skin. The great thing is that it can be used as a moisturizer as well for those that are super dry. I typically get dry in one area of skin and I have been using this product as a moisturizer in that spot and it's improved dramatically. I definitely recommend exfoliating before using this product.

I loveeeee this product. I use it as a spot treatment and it makes such a big difference. It makes blemishes go away in a day or two without over-drying the skin. After just a few hours, the blemish looks much better, which makes it easier to deal with (or cover) in the mean time.

I'm working on putting together a list of moisturizers and other treatments. In the mean time I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

16 days left to enter my giveaway!!

For all of you that have not yet entered my giveaway, you still have time to enter. As I mentioned before, I will be picking a winner at random on Christmas.

 I can honestly say that in my opinion you can't have great makeup without great skincare.Through my experience at Sephora, I come to face MANY different companies. I fell in love with the Kate Somerville line, the second I was introduced to it.

Her story is very inspiring. She has had skin issues of her own as she suffered from eczema (which she clearly has under control). She has come to be one of the most respected names in the skincare industry, through her skincare line (which is available at Sephora), her skincare clinic and her many celebrity clients who seem to be very grateful! =)

Exfolikate is Kate's most famous product. It is both a physical and chemical  exfoliator. This product is ideal for all skin types. =) It contains salicylic and glycolic acid which easily exfoliate for a glowing complexion. 

According to the Kate Somerville's website:
"-Fruit enzymes clarify skin by removing dead cells & eliminating bacteria
-Highly effective in combating acne, including stubborn blackheads        
-Polishes skin, revealing a smooth, glowing complexion"    

I can honestly say that I am in loveeee with this product. I keep it in my shower & use it once or twice a week.
Ideally I'd recommend using it at night time because some people experience some redness afterwards (which is completely normal).  Exfolikate should be applied to the face for about 20-30 seconds and then rinsed off. A burning sensation is considered normal because this product contains cinnamon.

For those of you who think you might be too sensitive for this product there is an Exfolikate Gentle, which is rather similar besides the fact that it doesn't contain the cinnamon or salicylic acid.

For more information about Kate Somerville and her products, you can either access her website or buy her book. =)

Kate Somerville also makes a version of Exfolikate for the body.